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Welcome to Toothworks

We Treat People, Not Teeth!
We understand that each person is different and that every dental concern is unique. We are here to help you find solutions to any and every problem. We help you identify your dental goals and customize your treatment to meet them.
Our clinic is contemporary and comfortable. Patients love our tidy, spacious and colourful interiors which make sure you’re at ease during your treatment.


To use our specialized training and experience to create a customized program for our patients with the best treatment options ensuring immediate and long-term relief from their dental problems


To exceed our patient’s treatment expectations and to become the preferred destination for all their dental concerns


To ensure that every person has access to quality dental treatment in a comfortable, pain-free environment with latest techniques and equipment.

Infection Control

We follow universal precautions and standard guidelines to ensure the Health and Safety of our patients comes first. Our staff is trained to disinfect the operatories after every appointment and dispose of all single use items, disposables and sharps according to international protocols.

We follow strict surgical hand asepsis between patients and use a high vacuum suction to ensure minimal spread of aerosol and splatter.

All our equipment is sterilized in a B-Class autoclave, the most advanced method of sterilization today and all our chairs and equipment use distilled or filtered water.

For waste management, we are registered with a BMC approved Biowaste disposal company to ensure all biowaste is segregated and appropriately destroyed.

Why You Choose Us

Easy booking and Scheduling
Booking an appointment with us is as easy as a few clicks. Schedule at your convenience. We are open all through the day, all days except Sunday including most public holidays.
Comprehensive Care
We are fully equipped to provide all general and specialized treatments, Based on your need, we ensure accurate diagnosis, thorough treatment planning and execution and proper follow up for every patient
Our team includes specialists in every dental field. We make sure you are treated by the most qualified dentist for your dental needs.
Advanced Technology
As the world has gone digital, so have we! We use all the latest equipment and software in every aspect of your dental experience.
Opening Hours
  • Prabhadevi - Mon - Sat 9am to 11.30am
  • Mahim - Mon - Sat 11.30am to 7.30pm

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